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We are a consulting firm helping our clients to thrive in a digital and sustainable world. Our fundamental belief is that technology and digital transformation play a key role for businesses to be sustainable, successful and prepared for the future. We strategize, innovate and demistify how digital can accelerate the transformation towards a decarbonized economy.

Twin Transition

We live in challenging times — the impact of climate change is growing more pressing by the day as business leaders define and operationalize their net-zero and digital transformation strategies. NUON is a twin transition consultancy, providing expertise on the increasingly intertwined worlds of digitalization and sustainability. We specialize in developing tailored strategies and transformation paths to futureproof your business.

We are profoundly convinced that a holistic approach, which combines and integrates principles and elements from both worlds, delivers the best results and, ultimately, the most value for our clients.


  • Net zero & digital strategies.
  • Green & Data-centric organisations.
  • Circular business models.
  • Green & Sustainable it.
  • Business building powered by twin transition.


Founded in 2023, we are a European, founder-led consulting company with a clear mission to shape a better tomorrow for those who advance the world. We work purpose-driven, in an agile way, and are highly committed to deliver outstanding quality. We believe in the power of technology, human interactions and creativity. We work in small teams of experts and leverage our broad experience in digital transformation and technology to create value and substantial outcomes for our clients